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Avision Healthcare Consulting

At Avision Healthcare Consulting, we collaborate with healthcare systems, practitioners, organizations, and government agencies to develop ​effective partnerships and engagement strategies that meet the health needs of target populations, improves performance, health outcomes, ​and access to care.

Our Mission

We are on a “Mission” to cultivate a quality-driven mindset within healthcare organizations, fostering a culture where excellence is not ​just a goal but a habit ingrained in every process and interaction.

Our unique process begins by understanding the hardships of the consumer and working in partnership with healthcare organizations, such as ​physician groups, clinics, governmental agencies, community-based structures (FQHCs),

and health plans, to partner in the following areas of concern:

Access to Care

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Improving access to healthcare ​involves addressing various barriers ​that individuals may face when ​seeking and receiving medical ​services.

Healthcare Engagement

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Structured to support and empower ​individuals in navigating the complex ​healthcare system, ensuring they ​receive appropriate and quality care ​and fostering a collaborative approach ​to address the needs of their care.

Performance Improvement

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Improving performance measures ​involves a systematic approach to ​enhance efficiency, effectiveness, ​and overall outcomes.

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What We Do

Avision Healthcare Consulting is committed to providing superior consulting, and implementing solutions to help our clients increase patient ​engagement, and outcomes that improve the quality of services, and continuum of care.

Our Founder

Angela Farris, CPHQ

Angela Farris made it her mission to utilize her experience and skills to motivate and encourage women seeking opportunities in healthcare. With over 25 years of healthcare experience, she used her strengths to mentor and nurture emerging leaders, in addition to positively impacting the lives of young women and encouraging self-sufficiency. She is the founder and principal consultant of Avision Healthcare Consulting, founded in 2020, which provides solutions that lead to innovative quality outcomes for healthcare organizations. Her dedication, passion, and commitment jump-start her vision to open a consulting firm and assist healthcare organizations in improving their quality and performance metrics.

This has led her to create strategic initiatives, close gaps, and improve performance for healthcare providers and organizations. She has led as a healthcare professional leader and educator for two Fortune 500 Medicaid Managed Care organizations in Care/Disease Management and Quality Improvement operations.

In addition, Angela led in evaluating, developing, and implementing programs for Diabetes management and, just recently, a post-discharge audit process program focused on Follow Up After Hospitalization (FUH) for mental health illness, a program for consumers to follow up with a mental health provider within 7 or 30 days of discharge as these visits decrease the likelihood of avoidable hospital readmissions by helping consumers, with special healthcare needs, access the most appropriate level of care and encourage the continuation of their recovery. This program yielded almost 100 gap closures and represented an increase of 22 percentage points in the performance measure. The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) recognized it as a significant and statistical improvement.

During her tenure, she has done internal training on tools and processes and trained all levels of staff. Her strength is in the realm of collaboration and process improvement, as improving processes lead to long-term improvements. She consistently maintains her ability to lead successful teams of healthcare professionals of clinical and non-clinical teams, such as: physical and behavioral health case managers. Additionally, she has worked as a quality auditor educating clinical and non-clinical teams on NCQA regulatory standards and procedures.

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Catalytic Health Partners

Angela came to the table from the first day in a spirit of collaboration for success, holding us accountable to results and outcomes, but realizing that there is ​more to it than just hitting numbers. As the workflows were being defined and needs described, Angela leaned in and offered to do whatever was needed to ​support overall success. When issues need to be addressed, Angela used a process of discerning the facts without accusations so we could produce the ​best means to achieve the HEDIS performance metrics (Follow-up After Hospitalization) and accountabilities. She owned issues when they belonged to her ​and ensured we did the same when the shortcomings were on us. Angela’s leadership and problem-solving skills are exemplary. Few people step up like she ​does and approach it as collaboration instead of dictation.-Susan L Cordts, CEO

Peach State Health Plan

Ms. Farris brings her attention to detail to every project she works to complete. Her communication and people skills are exceptional, and she consistently ​presented, planned, and implemented creative and innovative ideas to mitigate barriers/challenges for our organization and the Health Plan stakeholders.

Ms. Farris managed multiple projects for the organization, to include an initiative to improve the care that diabetic members receive. She collaborated with ​a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the teams had a plan, timeline and understood what was needed to increase the number of members who receive ​diabetic services to ensure we met Plan goals. The initiative had a positive impact on members as over two hundred phone calls were made, at which time ​staff scheduled forty-one appointments for services needed. The impact of the initiative improved the pillars of care.-Shay Hawkins, Sr. Director of Quality ​Improvement

Pediatric Orthopedic Associates

Angela was instrumental in getting my practice, Pediatric Orthopedic Associates, to contract with a Medicaid Managed Care organization. At the time, we were doing single-case agreements based on need. Angela was helpful, diligent, professional, and genuinely care about the patients. She worked hard to get contracting and my practice to work together on getting a contract signed as a network provider.-Micki Gulley, CEO

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